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Atlantic is a software developed specifically to organise and manage the Travel and Tourism companies, it is an amazing and comprehensive tool to design tours and archiving all the work in details such as hotels, rates, guides, restaurants, archaeological site, car rentals, etc. It provides direct access to all your information and produces reports ready to print or to send via emails. This program has an additional capability to integrate with accountancy software to produce accountancy related reports easily and accurately. Contact us now for more information.

Why buy our product "Atlantic Travel Pro"

Do you suffer of errors in pricing ?
That would be the many complexities in the calculation operations, but with software based on associated tables and data will give accurate results and free of errors.

Can you deal with the hotel’s prices in multi currencies ?!

Do you want to give your offer in multi currencies due to customers’s needs ?”

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Our software “Atlantic” is Produced by Quantus IS Ltd ,Quantus is a registered company in the United Kingdom , And our programming team consisting of a professional software engineers  with wide experience of IT solutions and programming.

Please contact us for any enquiry

Email : Sales@AtlanticProgram.com

Address : 51 St Vincent Road , Walton on Thames , Surrey KT12 1PA , United Kingdom

Head office – England – London

Tel: + 44 (0) 1932 269124


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These numbers are a part of our software value

Languages for the software's interfaces
Basic Reports , with full design and edit
Currencies Supported and more
Professional Customer supporter

Discover more of our Software Features

Arrange all travel world items (Hotels – Restaurants – Monuments sites – Guides – Languages – Travel Companies – transfer Companies – Currencies – Currency Exchange – Tour Program – Gifts – Tips – Extra Payments).

Fast work , Save Time

' Atlantic Travel Pro ' design the tours and price the quotations with complex conditions fast

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with the ability to print reports or send them by email directly to the customer..

Full archiving

Atlantic provide you by archiving for all the operations carried out with their detail, reports and functions.

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Do you need to find out the pricing and details of your offers that you have done in the past ?

currency exchange

``Atlantic Travel Pro`` can deal with the currency exchange due to real-time update.

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Do you want to give your offer in multi currencies due to customers's needs ?

No Mistakes

With software based on associated tables and data will give accurate results and free of errors.

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Do you suffer of errors in pricing ?


Here is some of our clients’s opinions about Atlantic software, they have experienced our product for more than one year in the real work field
  •   Really I'm very excited to work now, It's like as if I have 50 employees inside this software, Here's exactly what I and every travel and tourism company need. I can find everything here, it's amazing!!

    - Ayman Khamash, Manager of Travel and Tourism company in Spain
  •   The customer support is very good, and they have installed my demo copy and trained me to work on it. I found it very easy use and useful. I think it's worth every penny.

    - Robert Kayalli, Manager and owner of Tours company
  •   I have searched for a long time for a good software to serve me with my hard work, quotations and complexities, And finally I'm so happy to have bought Atlantic, It's exactly what I was looking for!

    - Atilla Sancaroğlu‎‏, Manager of Travel agent in Istanbul
  •   I have said to myself there is nothing to lose, so I downloaded the demo for free and I was surprised with the huge abilities of this software, especially how it can deal with the currencies, it's perfect!

    - Amanda Kewel, Operator of travel company

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